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About us - Plant design holistic, practical & sustainable

Customized plants for the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries: PCR Engineering implements your construction project reliably and in a time-saving manner – from approval planning to commissioning. Until our rebranding in October 2023, we assisted our customers in Germany and abroad as PURPLAN Engineering. With these years of expertise in the background and new goals in sight, we are on a mission to make our broad range of services even more flexible and efficient.

Holistic plant design with PCR Engineering

Our highly qualified team and our many years of experience in design, assembly and operation of industrial plants guarantee a high level of expertise and practical relevance. This is why we can plan your project on an interdisciplinary basis from the very first minute and involve all relevant specialist disciplines – including approval engineering and environmental impact assessment. The result is a plant in which all elements are perfectly coordinated, which complies with current legal requirements in a legally secure manner, and which makes optimum use of the available space without competing requirements causing disruptions, for example the space requirements of the technical building equipment and the space requirements of the production plant. A holistically designed plant also allows easy accessibility for maintenance, control, repair and replacement of components, important for smooth operation and the lowest possible downtimes.

Practical relevance is a top priority for us

Our many years of practical experience in operating industrial plants have sharpened our eye for detail. The most sophisticated 3D model is of little use if it does not take into account aspects such as licensability, ease of access, fire and occupational safety, sustainability and current environmental regulations from the outset. Our interdisciplinary team of industrial, electrical, chemical and process engineers as well as chemists and our partner network, which includes environmental and civil engineers, architects, BImSch and fire protection experts, ensure that all these aspects are incorporated into the planning. In this way, we look after your project at all times with the highest level of competence from A to Z.

What is sustainable plant design?

Environmental aspects also play an essential role in plant planning. On the one hand, to ensure vital nature and climate protection and to protect our common basis of life. On the other hand, to ensure the most efficient, economical and long-term operation of the plant. Energy-efficient drives, proper selection of energy sources, price stability and security of supply of raw materials and resources, and many other factors must be taken into account to meet the increased demands for sustainability and to make industrial plants future-proof. For us, tailor-made also means incorporating all these aspects into the plant design.

PCR Engineering GmbH and Ramm Ingenieur GmbH: Your strong partners in plant engineering

What has been good for a long time will now be even better.The long-standing cooperation between us and Ramm Ingenieur GmbH will become even closer from October 2023 – and our customers will benefit directly from this.Whether it is a matter of new buildings, conversions or refurbishment measures, we offer you coherent concepts and professional implementation from planning to execution.We stand by our customers from the application conference to the approval notice. Often our customers underestimate the multitude of points that have to be taken into account even before the conversion, new building or even a renovation. These include, for example, applications and licensing requirements under the Federal Immission Control Act, the necessary documentation, or the environmental approval process in order to meet all official requirements. We calculate the investment costs for you, keep track of legal and technical requirements and determine whether the project is technically feasible. As we all know, time is money – and that’s why our cooperation saves you money and time.

Experts with an overview: Our concept for your success

Thanks to our roots at PURPLAN GmbH, we can also look back on many years of experience in Turn Key plant engineering. Since 2002, PURPLAN has developed into a market leader in plant engineering. Its expertise is valued not only in Germany, but worldwide. We benefit from this and build on it. Take advantage of our bundled expert knowledge and our “one-stop shop” strategy for your project. Through this coordinated project work, processes are streamlined and perfectly aligned. You receive the concentrated expert knowledge, always maintain an overview of deadlines and costs, and can fully rely on professional implementation in accordance with current standards.

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You can find the PCR Engineering GmbH at our locations in Wallenhorst (near Osnabrueck) and Dresden. Our cooperation partner for construction and approval planning, Ramm Ingenieur GmbH has its sites in Wuppertal and Castrop-Rauxel, Germany and PURPLAN GmbH at Germay WallenhorstUSA NC Charlotte and China Shanghai.

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