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Plant Design with PCR Engineering: High Quality Service from a Single Source

Detailed and future-oriented plant design is of great importance: a professionally planned plant helps reduce costs, optimize processes and avoid expensive corrections later on. At the same time, it keeps an eye on future technical developments and helps prepare for the implementation of new key technologies. Our experienced, interdisciplinary team offers rock-solid plant planning using the latest techniques and top-class experience in design and development. When it comes to industrial plant design, we are your strong and efficient partner.

What is Meant by Plant Design? Definition of a Complex Field of Activities

Plant engineering covers all aspects of conception, design and coordination of technical plants and systems in relation with their site conditions, their intended use and their technical, logistical and legal requirements. The available budget as well as the aspects of ergonomics, environmental protection, sustainability and occupational health and safety must also be taken into account in plant planning. Thus, by definition, plant design plays a key role within the corporate planning.

Our services: What We Offer

Konzeptplanung Anlagenbau

The team of PCR Engineering offers you a wide range of multi-disciplinary services from a single source, including:

→ Concept Planning

→ Basic Engineering

→ Detail Engineering

→ Project Management

Our 3D scanning process enables highly precise and efficient plant design. Your existing plant or the future location of the plant is measured precisely by using laser scanning technology and is then transferred into a 3D model. To learn more about it, click here.

Our interdisciplinary team of chemists and engineers as well as our competent partner network, including all the stages important for development and approval of plants, from BImSch expertise to fire protection, is dedicated to save your time and money. We are your highly efficient partner for upgrading and retrofitting of existing plants (brownfield) as well as for planning of new plants (greenfield), working for you from the initial consultation to the final commissioning. The design of the technical plant is always developed in close coordination with our clients.

We can offer special expertise in the following fields:

Ensuring Sustainability, Recycling and Energy Saving

Environmental protection and sustainability are playing an increasingly important role in corporate development. This also affects plant engineering, which must ensure environmental compatibility, energy efficiency and productivity simultaneously. A design that takes all these aspects into account from the first draft as well as an early environmental impact assessment can ensure that the new plant meets the legal requirements and fulfills the relevant conditions. Often this process results in a significant reduction of the energy costs.

Practical Concepts for Smooth Workflows

Plant components or fittings that are difficult to access, unclear arrangements or missing markings can make operation, maintenance and repairs considerably more difficult, – this can result in of material and time loss. Our engineers have many years of experience in plant construction and know such problems from their own perspectives, – that is why we can avoid them. The necessary coordination and interlocking of work processes also play an important role in plant design – here, focusing on details, we ensure that all the production steps interact smoothly.

Emergency Scenarios: Crisis-Proof with Future-Oriented Plant Design

Apart from design, manufacturing, logistics and storage or resource planning, plant engineering must also stay focused on the various emergency scenarios before plant commissioning. These include, for example, fire protection or machine failure. Plant design must consider issues such as failures in supply chains, higher energy costs, influences from climate change and changes in regulations, for example depending on climate protection. Taking these issues into account in plant design, for example by using energy-efficient technologies, helps save costs and avoid production downtime.

Saving Time, Money and Effort by Plant Design

As we all know, the devil is in the details – in order to coordinate the individual processes without errors, you need a precise overview, because even details such as operating terminals that are difficult to access, lack of space for pipe systems or an environmental requirement that has not been met can require complex and cost-intensive conversions or even threaten the entire project. Therefore, solid plant design with the help of 3D technology helps to save money, time and nerves.

Our Advantages at a Glance

  • planning of industrial plants from a single source
  • professional support in the evaluation and selection of new production sites at home and abroad
  • competent partner network (e.g. environmental engineers, civil engineers, architects, fire protection and BImSch experts)
  • holistic planning of new plants including construction and approval planning
  • interdisciplinary team (chemists as well as process, industrial, electrical and chemical engineers)
  • practical conception by experienced engineers
  • sustainability and energy efficiency in plant construction as a planning concept
  • modern plant design supported by 3D scan simulation software
  • increased planning reliability
  • higher cost efficiency
  • different scenarios can be run through before production start
  • cost, time and manpower saving

Do you have any further questions on the subject of plant design?

If you would like competent advice about our services, do not hesitate to contact our friendly team. We are available by phone and mail. We will be happy to offer plant design for your company and are looking forward to cooperation.

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