You have known us as PURPLAN Engineering GmbH for more than two years. We started our work in the engineering field much earlier, together with PURPLAN GmbH. In order to further expand the engineering field and establish ourselves independently on the market, we founded PURPLAN Engineering GmbH in 2020.

Today we would like to announce that we will be changing our name to

PCR Engineering GmbH on October 5, 2023.

Why PCR Engineering?

The focus of our planning projects is polyurethane, coatings and recycling. In the future, our three main industries will also be reflected in our name.

The focus of our planning is still on holistic thinking. The comprehensive view of plant technology, construction and approval planning is our strength. The aim of our planning is always to create a sustainable plant that is practical in every respect.

In order to further promote the brilliant development of the company, our previous project partner Ramm Ingenieur GmbH, based in Wuppertal, will become the new shareholder of PCR Engineering. Together with our more than 40 experienced engineers, chemists and designers, we will continue to offer our customers holistic planning (BImSch, plant engineering and buildings) in the future.

In addition to the existing engineering services, we will also be offering EPCM projects in the field of polyurethane recycling.

We hope that we can continue to work with you successfully and trustingly for many more years to come!

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