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Sustainability starts with planning

Whether the ostensible motive is ecological awareness or rising energy prices, sustainability has been one of the buzzwords of recent years. Often, however, it is just an empty marketing phrase that does not contain any small (often legally required) measures, such as the use of energy-efficient motors. But what else can sustainability mean for the planning and operation of a production plant in the chemical industry? Let’s stick with the example of efficient motors for now. It is certainly a good start to choose an efficient motor, but what good is it if it drives a pump or agitator with poor efficiency? Agitators are still often chosen according to the motto “more is better”. The choice of an optimized agitator geometry can, under certain circumstances, not only lead to low energy consumption, but also to a shorter stirring time. The energy required to produce a batch is thus reduced in two ways and production capacity is increased at the same time. When selecting a pump, the efficiency of the overall system should also be considered in addition to the requirements placed on the pump by the material being pumped. The positioning of the units, which is optimized from a geodetic point of view, and the dimensioning of the pipe diameters play a role here, for example. After all, the systems are often operated for many years or decades and the operating costs exceed the initial investment costs many times over. The costs for maintenance and servicing must also be taken into account and, as a rule, low-maintenance devices are preferable to others despite potentially higher investment costs. The competitive situation for the system manufacturer or the project manager on the operator side (competition with other projects with a shorter ROI) results in budget constraints that prevent sustainable system operation and an ecologically and economically optimized procurement strategy. Therefore, even in the context of basic engineering and the preparation of specifications, the energetic optimization of the system concept must be given significantly greater importance than before.

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VILF Annual Conference 2023

As a member of the VILF (Association of Paint and Coating Engineers), we will also be attending this year’s annual conference on November 9th and 10th in Neu-Isenburg. This year, CEO Christian Bertram and Marina Goedeke will be present at the conference. Please feel free to contact us at any time. Our employee Marina Goedeke will be giving a presentation on November 9th on our core topic of “Sustainable Plant Planning”. We look forward to your participation and a lively exchange afterwards.

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31. BImSchV

On September 29, 2023, the amendment to the 31st BImSchV passed the Federal Council. As a result, many companies will be subject to stricter limit values. For example, the limit values ​​for N-hexane in oil mills are worth mentioning here. In many cases, additional systems for exhaust air purification must be installed to comply with the limit values. If you are also affected by this, we will be happy to assist you with everything from the conception of the exhaust air purification, to the planning of the necessary pipe connections and pipe bridges, to construction supervision and the submission of the application in accordance with the BImSchG. We are happy to support you in your concerns and look forward to your inquiry!

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You have known us as PURPLAN Engineering GmbH for more than two years. We started our work in the engineering field much earlier, together with PURPLAN GmbH. In order to further expand the engineering field and establish ourselves independently on the market, we founded PURPLAN Engineering GmbH in 2020. Today we would like to announce that we will be changing our name to PCR Engineering GmbH on October 5, 2023. Why PCR Engineering? The focus of our planning projects is polyurethane, coatings and recycling. In the future, our three main industries will also be reflected in our name. The focus of our planning is still on holistic thinking. The comprehensive view of plant technology, construction and approval planning is our strength. The aim of our planning is always to create a sustainable plant that is practical in every respect. In order to further promote the brilliant development of the company, our previous project partner Ramm Ingenieur GmbH, based in Wuppertal, will become the new shareholder of PCR Engineering. Together with our more than 40 experienced engineers, chemists and designers, we will continue to offer our customers holistic planning (BImSch, plant engineering and buildings) in the future. In addition to the existing engineering services, we will also be offering EPCM projects in the field of polyurethane recycling. We hope that we can continue to work with you successfully and trustingly for many more years to come!

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Change of Managing Director at PCR Engineering GmbH

We are pleased to announce the next step in the collaboration between PCR Engineering GmbH and Ramm Ingenieur GmbH. With immediate effect, Mr. Andreas Sandmann, Managing Director of PURPLAN GmbH and Ms. Dipl. Phys. Danuta Maciejewski, Managing Director of Ramm Ingenieur GmbH, will take over the management of PCR Engineering GmbH. The close integration of the management brings both companies even closer together and strengthens their joint position as reliable partners in the field of emission control, plant planning and industrial construction. Ms. Maciejewski and Mr. Sandmann will drive the strategic direction of the company and provide new impetus. In this way, we will create new opportunities and synergies from which our customers and business partners will benefit. PCR Engineering GmbH and Ramm Ingenieur GmbH will continue to strive to offer innovative solutions and set the highest standards in the industry. With our team, we are there for you wherever your company needs to grow. Are you planning a project in the field of plant planning or industrial construction? Based on your vision, we will design a comprehensive concept: from approval planning to implementation. The coordinated project work between PCR Engineering GmbH and Ramm Ingenieur GmbH makes it possible. Our combined expert knowledge forms the basis for successful new buildings, conversions and renovation measures. Reports, our representative system and services such as risk assessments round off our offer for your plant and industrial construction project. Contact us – whether by email, telephone or via Xing and LinkedIn.

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UTECH Europe 2024

UTECH Europe is one of the leading exhibitions for the global polyurethane industry and is well known in the industry for exploring the latest technologies and new market trends and offers excellent opportunities to exchange ideas with the various exhibitors. At the same time, visitors are offered a varied program with a total of 78 speakers who will share their knowledge as industry experts and explain interesting future perspectives. PURPLAN / PCR will of course also be there and looks forward to your visit at stand C30. There we will present our products and services and be available for interesting discussions.

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Authority engineering and approval process planning for companies

Authority engineering, often referred to as “permitting”, is a complex process in which technical requirements are brought together with the company’s economic goals – always taking legal regulations into account. The result of a well-founded and technically skilled permitting is a project that can be approved. This in turn forms the basis for the approval, construction and commissioning of the plant. Everything from a single source – support from the first planning step In order to be able to offer our customers all of the full services from authority engineering, we cooperate with Ramm Ingenieur GmbH. This means that we are available to customers at four locations across Germany. Given the complexity that an approval process can entail, customers must be able to rely on your engineering office. Many projects, for example in sectors such as infrastructure or industry, have very high requirements and require consistent compliance with the legal framework. It is therefore advisable to commission a competent partner with the approval engineering at an early stage. On the one hand, this avoids avoidable delays in project planning, and on the other hand, the permitting process automatically lays the foundation for a structured and prudent approach. This process presents companies with various challenges: not only national, but often also regional regulations and standards must be complied with, which are also subject to regular changes. So that you can continue to devote yourself to your operational tasks, we, together with our cooperation partner, take on the professional government engineering for your project. Government engineering: services and tasks The numerous specifications, regulations and standards give rise to many tasks. We carry out these as part of the services we offer you. The specific individual services that we undertake in the course of the necessary approval procedures are always project-dependent. You can rely on individual advice and detailed and transparent communication. This means that you are always up to date when we hold coordination meetings with the responsible authorities. Comprehensive expertise in government engineering: from the application to the granting of approval We act as your company’s first point of contact, advisor and link between the authorities. At the same time, we are forward-looking experts for the implementation of your planned system and prepare the necessary documents for system safety, such as quantitative risk analyses, assessments and safety reports. To ensure an efficient and structured process, we proactively prepare successive steps. We accompany you in the planning and approval of the new system, from the initial application conference or scoping meeting with the authorities involved, application preparation, the correct application in official form, to the review and finalization of the approval notice – at the end of which the requirements and conditions issued must then be checked. We remain with our customers during this phase of the authority engineering and can advise on the technical design of measures and system adaptation in accordance with the requirements. Authority engineering: Get advice! Authority engineering by us as a technically experienced engineering office creates time and economic advantages for you while at the same time providing a high level of planning security. This is just as necessary for small projects as it is for extensive projects. We are happy to support you and would like to create planning and security for you: Contact us without obligation and arrange a consultation appointment!

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